Rivendell at KMUD

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Rivendell at KMUD

This is a list of proposed implementation of Rivendell alternatives for KMUD, Redwood Community Radio.

In this configuration, the player application, rdairplay is hosted inside virtual machines on a central server. This allows for the app to be accessed from non-Linux systems using the Xpra remote desktop application. This also ensures that playout will not be affected by a crash of the multipurpose studio computer. Using virtual machines for the various Rivendell applications also reduces hardware costs and maintenance since a separate playout system is not needed for each studio. We use the same approach for accessing RD Library, RD Logmanager, and RD Logedit.

KMUD will use their existing network file server with two shares: one for the Rivendell digital library, and the second for sharing audio files that can be accessed and edited on multiple workstations and to be imported into Rivendell.

The first diagram shows an implementation that reuses all of the MacMini workstations that are currently installed in the various studios at KMUD.

KMUD Rivendell reuse-macs.png

The next diagram replaces some of the Mac workstations with Linux workstations. These workstations are capable of running the Rivendell applications rdlibrary, rdlogmanager, and rdlogedit natively, giving better performance and a cleaner user experience (UX). Using Linux workstations in the on-air studios also allows the use of remote control of rdairplay. This increases performance and enables the use of a touch screen interface.

KMUD Rivendell linux-ws.png

All of the Linux workstations can be equipped for audio production, live playback, and VoIP capabilities.

Another interesting feature of Rivendell is that it can be used to control external audio switchers, and do so internally using the sound card devices. The next diagram shows the main audio chain as it existed in October of 2014 at KMUD.

KMUD existing.png

This graphic illustrates how the Rivendell system can do the switching.

KMUD RD-switching.png