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This is a list of hardware items that are needed for the OSR Lab for project development.


  • ESI Juli@
  • ESI Juli@ XTe - x2
  • ESI U24 XL USB interface - x2
  • Nady UIC-81XX USB interface - x2
  • VOIP phones
  • POTS/PBX interface cards
  • Test consoles we wish to develop schematics and support for
    • PV-10USB
    • Ark 8
    • Al Davis' consoles
    • AudioArts AIR 1 and AIR 4
  • Studio Monitors and Headphones
  • -10dBv to +4dBu adapter
  • VU meter... kind of!
    • Materials to develop open source
      • Panel meter DMM
      • XLR, TRS, RJ45 plugs/sockets
      • Banana Plugs
      • 600 Ohm resistors


  • PC systems for distro install testing
    • Virtual host test system
    • Studio Computer test system
    • office computer test system
    • STL encode/decode
    • Mic Proc and Comp/lim test system
  • Single Board computers for appliance dev
  • remote server for VOIP gateway
  • remote server for central VPN server
  • remote server for Webstream/archive


  • lan switch for network dev
  • router gateway for STL dev
  • cellular data device for remote broadcast and STL failover dev.


  • Low power xmitter for comp/lim testing
  • dummy load
  • modulation monitor
  • GPIO card?


  • CAT7 cables and shrink tube or wire markers
  • SH+ adapters
    • Materials for RJ45 -> audio adapter dev.
  • Patch panels for audio
  • materials for microSnake dev
  • keystones etc. for studio 'outlet' dev.
  • Toslink cables
  • RCA cables
  • XLR and TRS cables and connectors


  • Desk/workbench space for dev, assembly, documentation dev.
  • Internet access for remote support, server and remote broadcast testing
  • Rack for mounting studio equipment
    • develop open source plans to build them

Development Staffing

  • Office Supplies
  • Two full time equivalent Developers
    • Dependent on deadlines and number of sub-projects